A Hugo Award Observation: The Irony of Rabid Puppies

No, I’m not referring to genuinely ill dogs–that’s just sad to even think about. Instead, I’m referring to a bunch of rightwing morons headed by a blogger known as Vox Day (SEE WHAT HE DID THERE? AND HE WILL HAVE YOU KNOW HE DOES NOT HAVE A SMALL LITTLE PENIS) who decided to freep the Hugo Scifi/Fantasy Book awards by nominating a slate of politically correct books by conservative authors (who are the most discriminated against people in America EVAR). There’s also a more ‘moderate conservative’ faction (STOP LAUGHING! STOP LAUGHING NOW!) known as Sad Puppies–John Scalzi annihilates both of them rather nicely.

Anyway, it’s bizarre that Vox Day is getting all het up over science fiction, since Vox Day is a creationist.

No, really. He’s a creationist–one who makes the same tired arguments as all the other creationists.

Though I suppose creationism is a form of fiction….

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  1. Gregory Frost – Shadowbridge – Fantasy, science fiction, and thriller author of eight novels (Shadowbridge, Fitcher's Brides, et al), and over sixty published stories.
    Gregory Frost says:

    I believe you’ve misspelled “cretinism.”

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