TPP: A Tea Party Test

With recent revelations of about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (‘TPP’)–it would allow corporations to sue governments through tribunals in order to overturn domestic laws–it’s interesting that most of the coverage of opposition to the TPP has focused on the left side of the aisle.

You would think the Tea Party contingent, the ones who are terrified of the non-existent Agenda 21 (which, as Charles Pierce puts it, is part of our plan to steal all your golfs), would be enraged by these. Secret tribunals unaccountable to the people that can overturn U.S. laws? Oddly enough, they seem to be quiet about this.

It’s a posum, it truly is.

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2 Responses to TPP: A Tea Party Test

  1. anthrosciguy
    anthrosciguy says:

    It’s almost as if they aren’t an actual grassroots movement operating on deeply held beliefs about freedom and self-government like our media continually says.

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