Links 3/16/15

Links for you. Science:

Whales on the Wrong Side of the World
World’s whaling slaughter tallied: Commercial hunting wiped out almost three million animals last century.
Don’t Freak Out. Science Blogs are NOT Dying.
How does blog readership grow, and (how) does this matter?
In Big Shift, 23andMe Will Invent Drugs Using Customer Data


The Smoke And The Fire From Evaluations Of Teach For America
When Values Disappear (Krugman subtweets David Brooks and Nicholas Kristof)
Obama Administration Makes Unverifiable Claim of 545,000 IT Job Openings; H-1B Visa Boosting Likely Culprit
TPP at the NABE
There Are Nearly Six Unemployed Construction Workers for Every Construction Job Opening (but workers need more skillz!)
The sex lives of rich and poor women are remarkably similar — until it comes to birth control
The Truth About Entitlements (though I would like to see more income supports)
Lindsey Graham: As president I would deploy the military against Congress
How Hard Is It To Find Affordable Housing In D.C.? Almost Impossible.
Use It or Lose It: A Legislative Tool to Save Affordable Housing Hasn’t Been Funded
Imagine a Kennedy Center that’s part of downtown
Proposal unveiled for tornado-shaped skyscraper
with a revolving rooftop restaurant

Checkbooks and Balances: The Campaign’s Over But Racine and Bowser Are Still Taking Money (one reason why D.C. can’t have nice things)
New York’s Hugely Successful Late-Night Delivery Truck Program Is Heading to D.C. (I lived in a building that had late night garbage pickup, and relatively early morning deliveries. It was not fun. Consider this hate-linking)

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  1. i’m not freaked out mike, i know your blog will never die

  2. ps lol i follow paige brown jerrreau on twitter, too, find her work intersting if a bit meta (like reading a newspaper artticle about newspaper articles)

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