Why Is Everyone Claiming Blogs Are Dying?

I’ve encounter many posts recently claiming or rebutting the notion that ‘blogs are dying’ (here are two good posts).

I don’t understand this claim: I get more readers now than I did when I was at ScienceBlogs–and ScienceBlogs had two features that increased my page hits. First, there was the PZ Myers and Ed Brayton effect: so many people visited these two blogs that the various sidebar links (blogrolls, recently posted, etc.), I received many visitors whom I otherwise wouldn’t have. Second, in terms of page hits, we were encouraged to put part of every post below the fold, so as to increase the number of page views (admittedly, with the rise of the social web, not using this strategy probably doesn’t significantly lower my page views, but it did raise page views back then. What is this ‘iPhone’ you speak of?).

If you use social media somewhat intelligently, the two, rather than competing with each other, help each other’s traffic.

Anyway, seems this particular corner of the bloggysphere is doing just fine (and thanks for reading!).

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8 Responses to Why Is Everyone Claiming Blogs Are Dying?

  1. Always loved your blog. Healthy doses of science, humor, photography, and politics served with radical alterity.

  2. claiming blogs are dying gets hits to your blog 🙂

  3. anthrosciguy says:

    I’m dying up here… seriously, you’ve all been great, Try the chicken.

  4. Jim Sweeney says:

    I’d be dumber without your daily link dumps. Vielen dank!

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  6. David J. Littleboy says:

    What Jim Sweeney said. You’re earning your hits by being worth checking out. (Although it was your Boston photos and posts that got me started.)

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  8. David says:

    Because they are too impatient for anything but Twitter! 😉

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