Links 2/5/15

Links for you. Science:

Another One Bites The Dust…And Another One: The Saga Of The New Republic
This is how outbreaks occur. It isn’t complicated.
Some doctors will no longer see patients who refuse vaccinations
Yes We Can
Reading Roald Dahl out loud should be required to decline MMR vax


What exactly do you want, Jonathan Chait? (nails it)
Ah You Hate To See Another Tired Man (excellent)
Jonathan Chait: Political Correctness Gone Mad OMG I’m Scared (very good)
But Wait…There’s More!
With 4,000 in homeless shelters, D.C. on pace to eclipse record set last year
Porn Star Belle Knox Doesn’t Know What Libertarianism Is. Neither Do Libertarians. 9though I wonder to what extent libertarians see themselves as ‘freer’ because they’re comparing themselves to conservatives)
How the Government Put Tens of Thousands of People at Risk of a Deadly Disease: If it killed politicians instead of prisoners, this illness would be national enemy No. 1.
The Cops Don’t Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?
Why Is Massachusetts Switching to PARCC? (I’ve been asking this for years)
Jim Webb And The Merits Of Being Half-Right
The Last Days of Football
What It’s Like When You’re An American Using Britain’s NHS
No, Company Towns Did Not Represent the Beneficence of Coal Companies to Their Workers
Anti-Vaccine Doctors Should Lose Their Licenses
When Consumers Give Up Their Right to Trial in Financial Disputes
What Research Says About The Consequences Of PC Culture
Says it all (dicks)
Hey, Get A Load Of This Evil Doctor
Why Internet journalists don’t organize

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