A Cool Vaccination-Related Game

I can’t remember where exactly, but the Twitterz pointed me towards this very addictive game that also gives a nice, hands-on demonstration of how herd immunity works.

You will spend more time than you should playing this….

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3 Responses to A Cool Vaccination-Related Game

  1. Chris Hill says:

    Fun pastime, but the vaccination stage is a lot more like contact-tracing in that you can see who’s connected to whom. It would be more realistic if you had to select “vaccinate 20% of the people” (or 40%, or 80%), and then after vaccines were applied at random, you had to deal with the consequences. Also, I can “win” every time.

  2. Paul Orwin says:

    yup – I discovered it when I was teaching med micro, got completely hooked for a while

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