Links 1/27/15

Links for you. Science:

The Fashion Challenges of the Emperor of Hepatitis C Treatment – Now in the BMJ, but Who Will Notice?
The Disneyland measles outbreak and the disgraced doctor who whipped up vaccination fear (most public health problems aren’t technological, but due to human stupidity)
Fast-tracked Ebola vaccine offers fresh hope
Fast Track on Drug for Ebola Has Faltered
Urban Ecologists Are Studying How Wildlife Have Evolved to Fit Their City Environment, Block by Block


Why people hate economics, in one lesson
No New Companies Stepped Up to Sponsor the MBTA’s Late-Night Service (because maybe government should do this?)
Metro: Radio issues with firefighters slowed communication in fatal train incident
Mercedes imagines passengers in driverless cars never interacting with the world outside (except for the traffic jams…)
When did letting your kids walk home alone become a crime?
The Lesson That Market Leaders Are Failing To Learn From Xerox PARC
The American decline in driving actually began way earlier than you think
America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise
The Trials Of Louie Gohmert, Congressman
The Poor People’s Campaign: the little-known protest MLK was planning when he died
The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership
Your Home Is Your Prison: How to Lock Down Your Neighborhood, Your Country, and You
What, To the Black American, Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
If you were trapped in a smoke-filled Metro train, what would you have done?
The Race Card, circa 1871
Why we fear and admire the military sniper: Since long before ‘American Sniper,’ we’ve had deeply conflicted feelings about the man who shoots to kill
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

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