Links 1/10/15

Links for you. Science:

10 Fun Facts About the Fossa
One of Science’s Most Famous Quotes Is False
Is cancer due mostly to “bad luck”?
Common cold ‘prefers cold noses’
Treated mosquito nets may have created an insecticide resistant mosquito


Think Retro: When Apple’s User Guides explained it all (the manual’s font is less stylish, but somehow more optimistic)
This Is What Functioning Government Looks Like: After an embarrassing start, public-private sector leaders get their acts together on Ebola.
FROM TOP TO BOTTOM RANKS, BPD IS CLUELESS (Chris Faraone is doing the best journalism in Boston)
Death penalty for Tsarnaev? Why Bostonians don’t favor that possibility. (Why I loved living in Boston for nine years–pragmatic decency)
Washington Redskins are the victims of top-down organizational dysfunction
Michael Brown Sr. and the Agony of the Black Father in America
Science and the AAAS sell their souls to promote pseudoscience in medicine
The Mental Gymnastics of Excusing White Men’s Violence
Nearly half of Americans didn’t take a vacation day in 2014
Why no one likes indoor malls any more
20 states just raised the minimum wage. It wasn’t enough.
Nine economic development questions facing Muriel Bowser
Why I Quit the Congressional Research Service
For Most American Musicians Adequate Healthcare Is Still A Million Miles Away
How big is the sexism problem in economics? This article’s co-author is anonymous because of it

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