Links 12/16/14

Links for you. Science:

Why all research findings are false (interesting)
Risky medicine: Misunderstanding risk factors has led to massive overtreatment of diseases people don’t have and probably never will
The Caterpillar Defense
The Power of a Press Release
Torture: Why did the CIA spend over $180m on bad science?


Single Parents and the Break-Up Between the White Working Class and the Democratic Party
TIPPING POINTS? MALCOLM GLADWELL COULD USE A FEW (plagarizing? By a thought leader at the New Yorker? Inconceivable!)
“Most people know me as a famous racist, but you might also enjoy my work promoting rape culture.”
This Greenpeace Stunt May Have Irreparably Damaged Peru’s Nazca Site
The Shame of America’s Rotting Roads
Your Retirement Fund Is Slowly Evaporating (the fees kill you)
Torture is a culture. Releasing the Senate report is a way of fighting it. (turning a frown upside down I suppose…)
Losing control
Torture report highlights consequences of permanent war
Scathing Stanford CREDO Report Shows Ohio Traditional Public Schools Outperform Charters
What Is Chuck Johnson, and Why? The Web’s Worst Journalist, Explained
The Torture Report, Part Two: What It Means
The Senate report proves once and for all that torture didn’t lead us to Osama bin Laden
How economics is like 1950s Freudian psychology
The gigantic disaster of the CIA’s torture program
State school board votes against requirements for schools to have nurses, librarians and counselors (but our children are the most important blah, blah, blah….)

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