Links 12/6/14

Links for you. Science:

Did enterovirus D68 cause limb paralysis in children?
Why are your statistical models more complex these days?
How The Plague Microbe Gave Fleas A Chance
Publish and perish at Imperial College London: the death of Stefan Grimm
Where to submit your paper. Or “If at first you don’t succeed, fail fail again … then try open access”
90% of researchers sequencing things because they “can’t think of anything else to do”


Instapundit trying to pass off “men’s rights” BS as if it were political thought again
How Police Unions and Arbitrators Keep Abusive Cops on the Street
The killing of Tamir Rice – another black and white issue: ‘If you want to look at inequality in America, look at East St Louis’
Actor Terry Crews shreds the ‘Man Code’ and misogyny: ‘That’s Taliban. That’s ISIS’
Why Economists Are Paid So Much
Senate Dems’ new betrayal: Why their populist moment is already over
New York City Plans Focus on Mental Health in Justice System
Grimm’s Tale
An Open Letter to the Administration of Vassar College: I Have NOT Forgotten
Capitalism is officially broken: Even doggy day care workers have non-competes now (related thoughts here)
Women still diet, they just hide it
Kiss the Kochs
Symbolic Gestures Are Nice– Voting Records Are More Important– Meet Hakeem Jeffries

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3 Responses to Links 12/6/14

  1. anthrosciguy says:

    I found Noah Smith’s “explanation” of how economists are paid more than sociologists because sociologists don’t know, study, or use statistics charming in its ignorance. I’d say economists are paid more, apparently, because they are willing to sound certain about their conclusions despite those conclusions being oft based on bullshit, and business management types love that.

  2. ronzie9 says:

    re the “Kiss The Kochs” article: Why does no one care about the children of the rich? Aren’t they being denied the “dignity” of work when they live off the accumulated wealth of their ancestors? Shouldn’t we incentivize them by taking those unearned benefits away?

  3. fanismis says:

    What brought me here was reading “How The Plague Microbe Gave Fleas A Chance – Publish and perish at Imperial College London: the death of Stefan Grimm” because of my zombie fungus manageria metaphor:

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