Links 11/21/14

Links for you. Science:

Mammoths are a huge part of my life. But cloning them is wrong
Gecko-inspired adhesives allow people to climb walls
Indirect costs: Keeping the lights on. Every year, the US government gives research institutions billions of dollars towards infrastructure and administrative support
Bogus Journal Accepts Profanity-Laced Anti-Spam Paper
Chagas Disease in America: Undiagnosed, Unappreciated


Whatever Happened to Overtime? It’s one reason we’re poorer than our parents. And Obama could fix it—without Congress. (excellent)
Remember Christie’s controversial Ebola policy? (we do)
Some Thoughts on the 2014 Election (the entire damn Republican Party is the 1990s militia movement)
Reality Leaves Newark and Invades Rick Hess’s Happy, Shiny World (“Imagine what it’s like, then, having to pay taxes to support a school system where you have no ability to shape policy or determine personnel through the exercise of your democratic rights.”)
Quick, Some Meaningless Budget Numbers from the NYT
Why I Left United Airlines
Slurstorm, and the flaws in “Shirtstorm” arguments
Today in #Ebolanoia: Man in isolation at Delhi airport after officials insist on testing his semen
Wisconsin as a Frontier of School Privatization: Will Anyone Notice the Looting?
Nobody Should Shed A Single Solitary Salty Tear Over Senator Mary Landrieu
American Rand Stand, Con’t
D.C. To Test Demand-Based Parking Prices In Penn Quarter
Facebook reveals cop who killed black St. Louis teen an Obama-hating ammosexual
Ebola Response in Liberia Is Hampered by Infighting
The Republican Health Care Pathology
Anonymous Operation #HoodsOff IDs St. Louis Klan Members — Including Cops
No, the Culture Wars Haven’t Heated Up. It Just Seems Like They Have.
Chair of NY Regents Threatens to Close Schools that DeBlasio Wants to Help
Orange moves to change policy to keep Satanist coloring book out of schools

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