Links All Hallows Eve

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

The Grim Future if Ebola Goes Global
How bad is the NIH budget really?
Three reasons public health experts think Ebola quarantines are a terrible idea
Swiss Approve Ebola Vaccine Trial
BioFire Defense, a bioMérieux company, receives fast-track authorization of FilmArray® Ebola Test


Plague Ship (must-read)
Should DC limit charter growth? David Catania says no, while Bowser and Schwartz say maybe
The Police Are Still Out of Control: I should know.
Two years after Portland’s auto parking wars, apartment garages aren’t filling up
The Passion Of Big Chicken: The Righteousness Of The Self
Man charged with breaking a trooper’s fist with his face (the part about jury intimidation by the police is particularly galling)
Vision Zero won’t be easy
2 Kids from Senegal Were Beaten Up in NYC by Classmates Yelling ‘Ebola’
You can’t say poll tax
On Friday, Anita Sarkeesian called out “toxic masculinity” on Twitter. Here’s what happened next. (yet one more reason to stick with table top miniatures…)
Bridge To Nowhere
Our distorted priorities
Police Pay Gap: Many of America’s Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages
Let the Smearing of ‘Left Wing’ Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox Begin

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