Drone Strikes As a Failure of DHS

One of the reasons we are conducting air attacks in Iraq and Syria is because of a group called Khorasan, which is supposed to be planning nefarious evil doings against the ‘homeland.’ Unfortunately, it seems Khorasan might be a bit, erm, aspirational. But I digress.

Digby, as she is wont to do, raises an excellent question:

Can somebody tell me where the hell the trillions of dollars in Homeland Security, beefed up FBI, NSA, CIA and local and state police over the past went? Was it one of those Green Zone boondoggles with a bunch of Heritage Foundation idiots letting money run through their fingers like water? Because if it wasn’t we need a major re-evaluation of where this money has been spent. We’ve got a full fledged panic being raised by right wing media in which we are apparently in such imminent danger of being overrun by ISIS terrorists that we have to invade … the middle east, apparently and bomb everything in sight.

Well, obviously we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here. To use a phrase. Because that prevented the Boston Marathon bombings…no wait… that was one of the Tsarnaevs’ motivations.

Fortunately, we have a really good internal security system, so it will all work out fine, I’m sure.

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