Links 9/22/14

Links for you. Science:

Haiti: 50% of the population could be affected by the chikungunya epidemic
Why Archeologists Hate Indiana Jones
To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?
5 Bogus Excuses People Use to Avoid the Flu Vaccine: You’re a lot more likely to die of the flu than ebola or terrorism.
Do anti-GMO activists inhabit an information bubble? Ask Paul Krugman


Anti-populism one more time (very good)
Dirty schools the norm since privatizing custodians: principals
Let’s make good choices on charter schools
‘A school that could start out clean on Monday by Friday, if things haven’t been done, is really almost a pig sty.’… Piss on the floors and poo on the walls dramatize the lies of Tim Cawley’s Aaramark Power Point
What could go wrong
Why the NFL conversation about Ray Rice is so important to me
D.C.-Area Economy Takes a Hit as Government Spending Drops
The racial parenting divide: What Adrian Peterson reveals about black vs. white child-rearing
Cash and Respect
Adrian Peterson and what our fathers did to us: we have not turned out fine
Why We Pay Federal Income Taxes
Nate Silver versus Sam Wang (could have put this in the Science section; interesting general point about models)
Obama’s biggest economic policy mistake
Blame neoliberalism, not Salmond, if the UK breaks up
A message from Tim Cook about Apple’s commitment to your privacy. (positioning itself to be the ‘anti-Google/Amazon’?)

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3 Responses to Links 9/22/14

  1. jon livesey says:

    So Niel Clark, on the day of the referendum, pronounces that a majority of Scots want independence, and that we should blame Maggie, and RT gives him a forum for his view. Then Scots vote 55/45 for staying in the Union. Are we supposed to be talking Clark seriously, or was posting the link a form of satire?


    I figured some will like this link. I will also say that this issue is more or less at the root of my lack of sympathy for current mode of GMO industry. Also the fixation on the issue of purity trolls, who have never had any more power than those in authority lets them have, when they want to “release the kraken”, distracts from some of the more fundamental issues in terms of basic societal advancing technologies. Or things that preserve society like new anti-bacterials. This is so, because the fight is about preserving their hills of cheese and keeping things the same, with technology created to buttress positioning strategies, rather than to create new markets or advancing society. The purity trolls are only a convenient set of “bad guys” that help avert talking about what it means to be successful.

  3. Jim Sweeney says:

    I’m one of those people who have never had the flu. I started getting vaccinated several years ago because of something I read here, realizing that I might harbor the virus even if I tolerated it. My late mother’s late physician rather testily told me I was probably just lucky, and not even exceptionally lucky, merely at low risk.

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