Links 9/21/14

Links fahr ya. Science:

Prominent U.S. academics reprise plea for more basic research to fuel innovation
A guide to data in scientific research projects
The Most Dangerous Mushroom: The death cap is spreading. It looks, smells, and tastes delicious.
Being positive about Oxford Nanopore
Where did all the pediatric HAIs go?


Life is sorrow, struggle, and pain, and all of us fail at it somewhere along the line
We finally learn why John McCain is always, always on our ‘news’
The Day after 9/11
America’s Frankenstein Brigade: Sotloff’s Syrian kidnappers were the “good” guys
Retrophin, Gilead, And Our Healthcare Values
The World is Ever Ending: Journalism in Decline
Dear Richard Dawkins
The punditry vs. the presidency: How the constant chorus of ‘do something’ Obama foreign policy critics gets it wrong
What Seeking an Abortion Was Like Before Roe v. Wade
The ‘leftists are disloyal’ canard makes it to the New York Times: Shmuel Rosner’s sense of Jewish family doesn’t prevent him from reinforcing the ‘stab in the back’ smear against its members.
Star Trek is 48 years old this week.
On Death and iPods: A Requiem
Chicago schools filthy with rodents, roaches, garbage — principals say
Holder Says Private Suit Risks State Secrets (I’m guessing the non-profit is a CIA propaganda job)
The Snail’s Progress
Courthouse News Service editor loses his mind, calls Islam “the most sexually perverted religion”

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