Ferguson Church Is Harassed and the Christian Right Is, Oddly, Silent

Maybe you find this hard to believe; I know I do (boldface mine):

The St. Louis County Police showed up at the St. Mark’s Church nearby Ferguson, which the community has been using as a “safe space” for Ferguson and other community residents. Organizers were uncertain of what was taken but maintained that police were sending a message that not even this space was a place residents could go and be safe….

Over the past two nights, however, police have come to St. Mark’s with guns. They’ve taken out their rifles and lined the church, according to a volunteer named Tinjinwe. She said they’ve lined the church and complained about people coming and out with gas masks on.

Tinjinwe also recounted how police had put lights on and “blasted them at the church.” They had to get people to go stand outside the space to make sure when people arrived at the church they could be brought inside.

The police “are escalating their violence and aggression on the only safe space we got right now in Ferguson,” Tinjinwe declared.

Agnew argued, “This is a clear act of aggression. People have said we’ve been speaking in hyperbole about what the police have been doing. They say we have been exaggerating the aggressiveness of the police force out here. But, in no uncertain terms, this was a place where this community deemed a place where we could come and feel safe. And what they did today is tell us there is no safety here.”

“They can come here whenever they want, they can take whatever they want and at night whatever they do to you you can find no safety.”

One of the key features of Western civilization–Christendom, if you want to get right down to it–is that houses of worship (at least Christian ones) are considered sanctuary. One would think conservatives, those who believe in traditional mores, would be aghast at this. Oddly enough, they are not.

Go figure.

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