Links 7/2/14

Links for you. Science:

Nutrition: Vitamins on trial. After decades of study, researchers still can’t agree on whether nutritional supplements actually improve health.
New estimates suggest noroviruses cause around a fifth of all cases of acute gastroenteritis worldwide
Anthrax? That’s Not the Real Worry (my less dignified comments here)
Rivals to biotech sector sprout all over: State marshals its advantages as other regions try to develop hubs


Let Them Eat Cash
The Little Professor
A Blackwater staffer literally threatened to murder a US government official in 2007
MGH to screen all patients for substance abuse: Querying part of effort to treat addiction (“Nearly one-quarter of patients in the hospital for routine medical problems have active substance abuse disorders, according to national data”)
Also, the Times bungles Denmark
24 Photos Of China’s Insanely Stressful College Entrance Exam Process
The Sexual Assault Survivor George Will Dismissed Responds. Lisa Sendrow: “I Absolutely Have Not Received Any Privileges From Sexual Assault”
Why the GOP really wants to defund IRS
One Quarter Of America Lives In A High-Poverty Neighborhood
Teachers And Education Reform, On A Need To Know Basis
Trophy Wives May Not Really Be a Thing
Why Doctors Order Too Many Tests
I punch first

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