Links 6/30/14

Links for you. Science:

Reflections on falling in love with small science in the cold room
Putting Us All at Risk for Measles
Measles cases are spreading, despite high vaccination rates. What’s going on?
Race, Gender, IQ and Nature


In Defense of Ad Hominem: Why We Really Shouldn’t Listen to Dick Cheney on Iraq (excellent)
Book Culture Employees Say They Were Fired For Voting To Unionize
Rich people don’t get (or stay) rich by just giving their money away to little people — like the menials who bring them food
Is Justice Scalia’s Wife an Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Counselor?
Supreme Court Breakfast Table: The last thing a woman about to have an abortion needs is to be screamed at by the godly.
No, Bernie Sanders should not run for president: Why his challenge is a waste of time
Massachusetts Nannies and Housekeepers Now Protected From Long Days, Abuse, Sexual Harassment
Virginia Teacher of the Year Tells Why He Resigned
Should the Left Stop Complaining About the Iraq War Hawks’ Return to the Media?
How Did the FBI Miss Over 1 Million Rapes? Systematic undercounting of sexual assaults in the US disguises a hidden rape crisis.

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  1. Nerd Alert!

    Mickey the Angry Douchebag and his fly monkey purity trolls want to throw the election to the Republicans because they know only stupid poor people will suffer while they keep their paws minty fresh.

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