Oddly Enough, Democrats Are Less Likely to Vote When Their Party Doesn’t Help Them

Or as we like to say, people have to like this crap (boldface mine):

Median household income among all Americans is still lower than before the recession, which ended five years ago, according to economic consultant Sentier Research. Key Democratic constituents — blacks, Hispanics, single women and young people — have been especially hard-hit, and analysts say that could make them less energized about going to the polls.

The economic reality is “dampening enthusiasm among some of the voter groups Democrats need most,” said Charlie Cook, publisher of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. “To create the kind of oomph Democrats need, you’d want back-to-back gains of 400,000 jobs a month.”

I realize Republican intransigence is a big part of this, but Democrats have had opportunities to pass legislation that would have created jobs. These opportunities have been squandered.

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4 Responses to Oddly Enough, Democrats Are Less Likely to Vote When Their Party Doesn’t Help Them

  1. Van says:

    Not really sure what the opportunities the Democrats have had are. Since 2010 the Republicans have controlled the House and have blocked any legislation the Democrats have tried to pass that would help the economy.

    • Olga Grobut says:

      Mike is one of those “Democrats are worse than Republicans and everything is always their fault” fake lefties, so you can’t expect much in the way of sensible political commentary in the body of the blog. Or in the comments for that matter, as Mike sanitizes them better than the CDC handling anthrax.

      • Van says:

        Hey I really like his blog. He has the best links! I’ll forgive him his mistaken understanding of how our government works 🙂

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