Finally, the Federal Government Attempts to Restore the Rule of Law

About fucking time (boldface mine):

The 8 News NOW I-Team has learned that FBI agents have started an investigation into the events surrounding a potentially deadly showdown one month ago surrounding rancher Cliven Bundy.

It is one thing for Cliven Bundy and his supporters to square off against an assortment of Bureau of Land Management employees. It is quite another when the FBI enters the picture, and that is exactly what has happened.

The I-Team has confirmed that FBI agents have launched a formal investigation into alleged death threats, intimidation and possible weapons violations that culminated with a dangerous showdown on April 12, and the first people to be interviewed by FBI agents are Metro Police, starting with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillispie….

Last week, the I-Team talked with Metro officers who intervened to protect the lives of federal employees from the 400 or so Bundy supporters and armed militia members. Officers told the I-Team they feared for their lives that day because of the assembled firepower, and because many in the crowd had pointed weapons at officers, taunted them, told them they should be ready to die….

He added there would be consequences for someone caught on videotape pointing a gun at a Metro office or federal ranger.

“Yes, there is definitely going to be consequences, definitely. That is unacceptable behavior. If we let it go, it would continue into the future,” Lombardo said.

If there’s videotape, some of these idiots better wind up in jail. Once again:

Anyway, what we have here is a situation where a relatively small minority of Americans are claiming the right, ultimately backed up by their possession of weapons, to define the True Nature of American Freedom…

How this differs in any important philosophical regard from the position, of, say, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, I cannot say.

How it differs in any practical sense, well (McVeigh cough) who knows.

It goes without saying that if Occupy had ever tried something like this, they would have been crushed with tanks.

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2 Responses to Finally, the Federal Government Attempts to Restore the Rule of Law

  1. Rich S. says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Speaking of Occupy, Cecily McMillan is facing 7 years for being groped and beaten by the NYPD. Hippie punching is one thing, but but poking the right-wing hornets nest by putting Bundy and his followers in jail requires balls that Obama does not have.

  2. ShortWoman says:

    Channel 8 has been reporting a lot on this story. It wouldn’t surprise me if they already have the footage needed to convict some people. And just maybe that’s why the Bundyites are trying so hard to keep them away now.

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