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Give Me That Ol’ Time British–and Boston–Accent

While Boston is known as the home of the non-rhotic accent (“pahked the cah in Hahvahd Yahd”), the modern British accent, also known as Received Pronunciation, is also non-rhotic (the ‘twang’ is obviously different, but the “r’s” are often lessened … Continue reading

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Links 3/24/14

Links for you. Science: Why Are Medical Conspiracy Theories So Popular? A decade of reverse-engineering the brain A Threat to Male Fertility Why Google Flu Is A Failure Understanding Phylogenies: Terminology Other: Monopoly (must-read) Revealed: Apple and Google’s wage-fixing cartel … Continue reading

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Skate At Own Risk

The lagoon at Boston’s Public Garden:

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University Science As Shopping Mall?

Despite government-funded academic science having far more economic activity than the major U.S. sports leagues combined, Paula Stephan is one of the few (perhaps only) economists to look at that economic sector. Recently, Stephan has argued that government-funded academic science … Continue reading

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Links 3/23/14

Links for you. Science: Is this a realistic portrait of a modern student/post-doc in biology? Unnatural selection drove evolution of conch size Vetting antibiotics: How the FDA’s new rules look at hog’s-eye level The thorium solution to climate change (yes, … Continue reading

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Somehow I Don’t Think the Right Is Going to Push This Welfare Cheat Story

From the Great State of Minnesota (boldface mine): Andrea and Colin Chisholm struggled financially for a decade, depending on welfare checks to pay for food and medical bills and for job training. They and their young son were forced to … Continue reading

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‘Random’ Assignment to MA Charter Schools?

Maybe not so much (boldface mine): By law, charter schools are public and are required to be open to all students. However, the low-income population at Sturgis and Lighthouse is a fraction of that in our district schools. Neither charter … Continue reading

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Links 3/22/14

Links for you. Science: The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage: American students need to improve in math and science—but not because there’s a surplus of jobs in those fields. (must-read; accessible to non-specialists) Whole-Genome Sequencing for Risk Assessment … Continue reading

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A City of Neighborhoods

Starting today at the Central Library of the Boston Public Library is the “Boston: A City of Neighborhoods” exhibit: During the last decade, Boston as a whole has become younger, and more racially and ethnically diverse. However, the neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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Why Does Obama Want to Kill the Post Office?

Recently, historian Adolph Reed has come under criticism for pointing out that the left is a political non-entity (Kevin Drum has also been criticized for making a similar point). What I don’t get about these progressive apologists is that some … Continue reading

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