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Boylston and Hereford

Observed at the corner of Boylston and Hereford Streets in Back Bay, home of Engine 33 which lost two firefighters Wednesday putting out a fire in Boston’s Back Bay: A fund to aid the families of Lt. Lieutenant Edward J. … Continue reading

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Nothing in Movement Conservatism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism: The Contraception Edition

With apologies to Theodosius Dobzhanksy. Amanda Marcotte describes what happens when the Gish Gallop collides with reproductive health: Conservative: I don’t want to pay for your abortifacients! Liberal: Look, there are two lies in there. One, you are not “paying … Continue reading

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Links 3/27/14

Links for you. Science: About that Taxpayer Funded Creationism: Why Set Theory?? (creationists iz weird) Climate Science Deniers Are Annoying Because (excellent) Sick Again? Why Some Colds Won’t Go Away: Some people get back-to-back colds, infected by a new virus … Continue reading

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Common Core For Thee, But Not Me

Before we get to today’s episode of education ‘reform’ hypocrisy, I’ll state for the record, as I have before, that a standardized curriculum would be a good thing, but that the Common Core isn’t very rigorous. That said, a hallmark … Continue reading

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Why Economics Is Too Important to Be Left to the Economists: The Glaeser-Minimum Wage Edition

In the Boston Globe, Edward Glaeser writes this about wage subsidies (boldface mine): Still, the larger concern about raising the minimum wage is an ethical one. Every American ought to share in the cost of reducing income inequality. A higher … Continue reading

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Links 3/26/14

Links for you. Science: Serious Resistant Infections Increasingly Found in Children Tripod fish: a deep-sea fish able to ‘stand’ A Reptile Dysfunction: Unlikely Sources of Salmonella I want my flying electric car! Forget the jet pack. When agreement isn’t enough … Continue reading

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I Thought the Commonwealth Was Smarter About Education Than This

I often sing Massachusetts’ praises when it comes to education, but whoever in the Department of Education decided that four to six year old kids would be tested repeatedly fell out of the goddamn stupid tree and hit every fucking … Continue reading

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All of Our Economic Gall Can Be Divided Into Three Parts

And these three parts are not equal to each other. Sarah Jaffe notes (boldface mine): It is probably safe to say that journalists, outside a small but dedicated cadre of labor reporters, have talked to more minimum-wage workers in the … Continue reading

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Links 3/25/14

Links for you. Science: A Doctor’s Take On The Anti-Vaccine Movement The AAA Tranche of Subprime Science (pdf) Why Are Physicists Drawn to Economics? On The Front Line in the Fight Against Polio Top 5 in Bioinformatics Other: Jeff Bezos, … Continue reading

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Road Work

Painting the finish line to the Boston Marathon (Boylston Street between Dartmouth and Exeter):

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