How to Worsen America’s Health (No, This Isn’t an Onion Story)

From Nashville, Tennessee (boldface mine):

According to WKRN, on the way back from a field trip around 100 students from the Nashville School of the Arts were dropped off about eight-tenths of a mile from school. The students, the station reports, were forced to endure 15 minutes of walking after bus drivers left them at a McDonald’s to attend to other routes.

“As the buses left,” says anchor Bob Mueller, barely concealing his incredulity, “the only way to get those students back to school was to walk.”

WKRN’s Nick Caloway did the same walk himself to double-check the school district’s half-mile estimate of the journey, which school officials said was within the official “walk zone.” Caloway does a pretty good job detailing road conditions that might make what should be a routine activity dangerous. He makes a point of saying the road was “busy” and that one section of sidewalk was closed, though these details are seemingly offered only to strengthen the argument that the students should not have been walking.

Oh the humanity:

As for the students, one described the experience as “not fun.”

“It was sunny, it was windy,” she said.

I realize if someone is disabled, this is not trivial, especially if the city isn’t keeping the sidewalks up. But having kids walk less than a mile, on a breezy temperate day (last week, the high ranged between 53˚F and 79˚F in Nashville) is good for their health.

And we wonder why chronic diseases are a problem in the U.S.

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