So About This Noah Movie…

I have no desire whatsoever to see the movie Noah, but this plot element perplexes me:

Noah’s daughter-in-law is played by Emma Watson. During one of the battle scenes, just as a grubby ruffian is about to brain her with a club, she picks up a stick, points it at the man, and shouts, “Stupefy!” As he crumples unconscious to the ground, she winks knowingly at the camera.

This isn’t in the Bible. It’s not in any midrash or commentary. I can only think this is some kind of Harry Potter reference?


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3 Responses to So About This Noah Movie…

  1. realthog – Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning author of 70+ books, including novels, story collections, science history and various big fat encyclopedias. Runs the Noirish site at My website's at
    realthog says:

    I think you’ll find you’ve been poed. At the end of Waldman’s (very funny) American Prospect list, to which you link, there’s this: “Actually, that last one is probably true.”

  2. Dr Becca says:

    It is a HP reference, but you do know that whole article you link to is fake, right? I can’t tell if your confusion is real or also a joke :/

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