NIH Cuts and Science Job Losses

Jeremy Berg lays out what the failure to replace the sequestration cuts at NIH means:

Also, based on previous years, we can reason that about 30 percent of those who would have been funded without the sequester would have been new investigators. Thus, the sequester may have resulted in the loss of about 200 new investigators who normally would have received their first major NIH funding and may have interrupted funding for more than 400 more established investigators.

But here’s the figure that is really disturbing:

It’s hard to know exactly how many jobs $1 billion less is, but NIH spending typically creates around 16,000 jobs per billion dollars spent (remember that money has velocity–as long as it doesn’t get parked in a bank account, it can create lots of jobs).

That’s a lot of science jobs that vanished between 2012 and 2013.

Glad we’re producing all those PhDs.

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2 Responses to NIH Cuts and Science Job Losses

  1. coloncancercommunity
    coloncancercommunity says:

    Please forgive my total ignorance, I’ve been out of the field for about 8 years now, but I’m assuming that RPG includes the typical RO-1 grants that were the foundation of most investigator’s labs? When I left, I knew things were going downhill fast. I felt I had gotten my doctorate at the worst possible time. But this is much, much, much worse than my worst nightmares about what was going to happen.

    We have just squandered an entire generation of talent that could have invented new technologies and paved the way to new jobs and better health for everyone. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…America shot itself in the head.

    For those of you who have hung in – I admire your tenacity and strength of character.

  2. Horrible tragedy, very sad, young lives ruined and all that.

    Of course, my field went through this process twenty years ago and the biologists could not hear our howls of distress over the popping of champagne corks when the new priority schedules came out.

    You want funding, go back to high school and recreate yourself in the service of Big Data. I hear the NSA is hiring.

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