Legos Among Us

This weekend, the Boston Public Library hosted a Lego building contest. I was a bit disappointed: I expected large diorama type things, and instead, they were small pieces. Nonetheless, there were some interesting entries. A caboose is loose:

Couldn’t figure out this one:


Free Willy!:


Roller coaster:

Guess this one:

The moose is loose!:

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3 Responses to Legos Among Us

  1. bluefoot says:

    I think your second one is a Quidditch field at the start of play.

  2. ccerebrations – NYC – Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology PhD trying to live the slow, contemplative academic life of ole in a modern, capitalistic-driven academic hellscape.
    CC says:

    The one you couldn’t figure out is quidditch (Harry Potter reference) and the glasses are really goggles with a snorkel.

  3. laurakqb
    laurakqb says:

    For large dioramas you want BrickFair, which is held in New Hampshire and is the closest large LEGO exhibition to Boston. The NELUG ( probably also participates in exhibitions in Boston sometimes, although it’s hard to tell since they rarely update their website.

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