Links 12/28/13

Links for you. Science:

Progress in genomics according to bingo: 2013 edition
Photo of the Day
Doing the right thing: Yale psychology lab retracts monkey papers for inaccurate coding
Why It’s Nearly Impossible to Castrate a Hippo
Warning: A “Natural” Fetish is Harmful to Your Health


We Are Two Nations: A Christmas Serial. Part I. Part II. (must-reads)
McDonald’s employee website warns workers away from its fast food
Here’s What It Feels Like to Be a Fat Person on a Plane.
This Incredibly Tiny Husky Puppy Learning To Howl Is The Most Inspirational Thing You’ll See Today
If Snowden returned to US for trial, could court admit any NSA leak evidence?
What we can learn from dialect maps
Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished
Why My Father Watches Fox News
The Brave New World of Academic Censorship
Chart of the Day: When Southwest Comes Calling, On-Time Performance Goes South
Sorry marriage traditionalists, young people shouldn’t rush to the altar
Here’s Why the U.S. Spends More on Social Needs Than You Think

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  1. colnago80 says:

    Re What it feels like to be a fat person on a plane

    How about what it feels like to sit next to a fat person on a plane.

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