Views on the Nature of “Affordable” Vary

Though some are very foolish. I’ve described, to no avail, how the real problem with Romneycare in Massachusetts–and the ACA–is not the premiums but all of the out-ofpocket costs. But don’t believe me, listen to the architect of Romneycare and a supporter of the ACA, John Gruber:

There are some groups for whom affordability remains a concern. Most important are those with high out-of-pocket spending—in particular those in the income range from two to three times the poverty level. For all those below five times the poverty level, more than 10 percent of families cannot afford both premiums and out-of-pocket costs if they are very sick.

Sucks to be them I guess.

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  1. Vicki Cheikes says:

    For several years, until I qualified for Medicare, I had a very high deductible policy with Aetna. The high deductible did NOT apply to the first dollar I spent. For example, virtually all doctor’s or specialist’s visits required only a co-pay, so only some expenses triggered the high deductible amount, which, because I am fortunately very healthy, was never triggered. I am not sure how the ACA policies work. If they are similar, then the high deductible won’t kick in immediately – at least not for regular or routine medical care.

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