Links 11/28/13

Happy Hasmonean Liberation Day and a Merry Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate with some links:

The F.D.A. vs. Personal Genetic Testing
Hilarious acknowledgement on conference paper!
Parrots learn their ‘names’ from their parents, study shows
Test Drive SciENcv
Taxonomic vandalism and the Raymond Hoser problem
Another Blind Boy Sees the Light, Thanks to Gene Therapy


The immorality of college admissions: Wealth is the overriding factor for college admissions, making a farce of institutions that boast of diversity. (excellent)
KKK Member Walks up to Black Musician in Bar-but It’s Not a Joke, and What Happens Next Will Astound You (must-read)
What It’s Like to Fail (you will definitely be thankful after reading this. Hopefully)
These concrete arrows point the way across America
Slavery, Katrina and Watergate: The right’s obsession with exaggerating. To unburden historical guilt, the right uses trumped-up charges against liberals. It’s their form of blame-shifting
The NFL’s Feel-Good Jingoism
Ventra Capitalists
The Tweetable God: On Biblical literalism
Federal analysis of school grants shows mixed results
Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries
Yes, WaPo: There Is A Retirement Crisis
Japan’s Cutthroat School System: A Cautionary Tale for the U.S.
Who knew? (Even presidential turkey pardoning is BS …)

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  1. Yossi Mandel
    Yossi Mandel says:

    The Hasmonean Liberation Front thanks you for your kind wishes and will now return to wreaking terror on the illegitimate occupying Greek forces.

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