Links 10/30/13

Links for you. Science:

Behind the scenes: plastic-eating barnacles in the North Pacific Gyre
Science is in bad shape
Darwin inspired Hitler: Lies they teach in Texas. And that’s not the only whopper students are being taught as history in some Texas charter schools
What Our Readers Think: Common Core Homework (and this too)
So You Know, This Is How to Incubate Baby Cephalopods in a Soda Bottle


Layaway (isn’t behavioral economics supposed to figure out stuff like this?)
Who Are The Anonymous Sources In DC Journalism?
The way tech covers Apple is ridiculous
A Good Men’s Rights Movement Is Hard to Find (the horrifying level of misogyny by MRAs makes me think they are lashing out in anger due to some underlying physical or sexual abuse, rather than turning the anger inward and being self-destructive. I’m not sure even Klansmen hate this much)
44 Explicit Points on Creating a Better World
Raising Minnesota: Ripley responds!
How to persuade Republicans not to vote
Crowding Out And Its Relation To Bullshit
Still WAY Too Many Multimillionaires In Congress For A Functioning Democracy
Why the 1% should pay tax at 80%
Why the U.S. Is So Good at Turning Immigrants Into Americans
16-Hour Shifts, But Not a Real Worker?
How can you tweet something like that?! (not sure what the ‘controversy’ is supposed to be; after about 48 hours, it became a marketing strategy)
Are Private Schools Worth It? A new book argues that public schools are actually academically superior.
Why I Jumped Off The Ivory Tower

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