Links 10/28/13

Links for you. Science:

Science Fiction Can Save Environmentalism: With public interest in the gutter, the green movement needs a shot of futurism
My Cultural Take on Alcohol at Scientific Conferences
No serious side effects from HPV vaccine
Of 70,000 Crustacean Species, Here’s The First Venomous One
Maybe Economics Is A Science, But Many Economists Are Not Scientists
The Universality of (Sephardic) Ethnicity, as Explained by Mathematical Genealogy


Language-Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre-K (Motoko Rich has been doing excellent reporting on education)
The “Ed Schools are the Problem” Fallacy
The Chief Rabbinate Proves Jews Would Be Better Off without It (I’m convinced that this, more than the Palestinian Conflict, will drive American Jews away from Zionism)
5 Million Lines of Obfuscation: The mess is inspiring some messy reporting.
State to spend $1.3 billion to replace ancient Red, Orange Line cars (about time)
Our Struggling One Percent
Non-Abortion Clinic Firebombed: Stupidity Or Anti-Contraception Ideology?
How Congress Became an Incompetent Bureaucracy
Reality Bites. An unwanted guest crashes Jeb Fest 2013: reality
Things Change
355,000 Facebook users share conspiracy that Obamacare will install microchips in Americans
Raising Minnesota: Ripley’s choice!
Better Birth Control Could Save Taxpayers $12.5 Billion Per Year
Don’t Teach For America: “Education reform” that helps only your resume

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