Links 10/9/13

Links for you. Science:

“Open access spam” and how journals sell scientific reputation
No Shots for the Octopus, Its Immune System Doesn’t Remember
Scientists who share data publicly receive more citations
Science gone bad or the day after the sting
Predatoromics of science communication (or just put it in ArXiv and move on)


Hillary Clinton: It’s Not Her Turn. It’s hard to imagine a Democrat of national stature more ill-equipped to speak to the populist mood than HRC.
INVISIBLE CHILDREN: How to write elite con fiction! Our less advantaged great kids
Dukakis and the Myth of Democratic Extremism
Street Legal: The national security state comes home
Miami: Where Luxury Real Estate Meets Dirty Money
More Republican Blackmail– This Time They’re Threatening A Worldwide Economic Collapse
The Hidden Costs of the American Way of Healthcare
Sometimes ‘unnecessary’ medical tests save lives
Can Obama Disrupt the Shutdown Narrative? Perhaps it’s time for a “have you no decency” moment.
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Three): On Shutting Down Government
Government Shutdown Hits Native Americans Hard
Boston’s minorities must learn from vote results
Larry Summers: Goldman Sacked (more on the ObamaPritzker connection)
Essentially Vicious

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