Links 10/7/13

Links for you. Science:

What Science — and the Gonzo Scientist — got wrong: open access will make research better
The Government Shuts Down And The Microbes Win
DNA stories
Photo Safari – White Rhino
Lock Up the Genome, Lock Down Research?


Government Doesn’t Have to Borrow to Spend (must-read; short)
The Age of Oversupply: Good Argument, Tough Sell
Why Face-Saving Won’t Work
Dems move to force Republicans to reopen the government
On The Other Hand: They Are Just This Stupid.
The Lonely War Of Marlin Stutzman
If You Distrust Vaccines, You’re More Likely to Think NASA Faked the Moon Landings
The Truth About Obamacare and How It Solves the Suffering of the Insured
Republican who voted for shutdown: ‘I need my paycheck.’ Does she think Head Start teachers don’t?
Some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen
The Shutdown in 10 Infuriating Sentences
Meet Butch Matthews, A Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It Will Save Him $13,000
Why bets aren’t a good measure of beliefs
Dear MOOC Messiah Squad: You are expendable.

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  1. Dems move to force Republicans to reopen the government
    But now House Democrats say they have found a previously filed bill to use as a discharge petition — one that would fund the government at sequester levels.

    UPDATE: One slight clarification. If Dems can get the 218 signatures on the discharge petition, then Dems would use a procedural move to replace the Lankford bill with an amendment: A clean CR, just like the one in the Senate. So this would not enshrine the periodic one-percent reductions in spending in the Lankford measure.

    ? I thought the “clean CR” passed by the senate was for “Ryan budget” level funding, which was not even the full sequester level. ?

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