Links 10/5/13

Links for you. Science:

Another BREATHTAKINGLY out of touch comment from the NIH Director and the Deputy Director in charge of Extramural Research
The GSS Discovers 10 Percent More U.S. Postdocs
Deadly lake turns animals into statues
Jellyfish Terminator Robots Suck Up 2,000 Pounds Of Jellies Per Hour
Autocorrelation: friend or foe?


Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online (very interesting)
The Government Shutdown Demonstrates GOP Hostility Towards Democracy
This Is What They Want
Which Helps Kids More: iPads or Eyeglasses?
Shut down the military, too!: Why exempting it is absurdly unfair. I respect service members, but giving them special treatment over other federal workers is dangerous — and wrong
Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews
What we should have been taught in our senior year of high school
Rogue Agency
An Old Witch Tells the President What to Do
The production of innocence and the reporting of American politics
“The only thing we really learned from the S&L scandal was how CEO’s should lawyer up”

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3 Responses to Links 10/5/13

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glasses are super important! I’m glad a program like Vision to Learn exists.

    But, to address another part of that post …

    … LAUSD’s idiotic, billion-dollar “iPad-for-everyone” program

    No comment on whether every kid needs to have an iPad in school, but they are great communication devices for non-speaking autistic people! Way cheaper than previous technologies, and more versatile too.

  2. Morris says:

    Mr. Gilbert doesn’t live 48.3 kilometers from the school. He lives either 48 or 50 kilometers from the school, depending upon the precision of the original 30.

  3. Morris says:

    I’m not just being pedantic here – the casual ignorance of sig-figs does prejudice people against switching measurement units. Whenever you show a conversion which generates all this false precision, you send the message to the learner that ‘metric is complicated’.

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