If Science Doesn’t Work Out…

I’ve been reading a lot of good, albeit somewhat depressing, posts about careers in science. I’m trying to string them together into something coherent. In the meantime, I have discovered, by way of the Twittarz, an alternative career path:


Now, this is more difficult in Boston than you might think (or maybe not). Here’s what you have to do:

1. Meet with the local Neighborhood Association, and speak with the City Councilor for the District, prior to the hearing before the Licensing Board.
2. Notify the Abutters – which include the persons/businesses whose boundaries touch the boundaries of the premises (front, back, left and right), and any schools, churches or hospitals within 500 feet. You must notify the abutters prior to the hearing. You are required to bring a completed Affidavit of Notice to Abutters and Others along with the Certified Mail Receipts and Proof of Service Receipts to the hearing.
3. File the completed application with: a copy of the lease agreement (in the business/applicant’s name); an 8 ½ x 11 floor plan; completed Personal Information Form(s) and Criminal Record Information Form(s) for
the applicant, owner(s) of the business, manager of the business, and all employees of the business; copy of the Licenses for all other Fortune Tellers at that location; copy of the Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Boston’s Inspectional Services Department at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue; and a check made payable to the Boston Herald for $170.00 for the advertising fee.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: that someone took the time to put this together, or that the Herald is an integral part of governance in the City of Boston.

This next step seems important:

4. Appear at the Licensing Board hearing.

The City of Boston would also like to know what services Mike’s Emporium of Fortune would offer:


I’m going with fortune telling. Though I’m considering speaking with ghosts too.

Because we should have an open discussion of alternative careers in science.

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  1. tomamitai says:

    First, why do you have to notify churches, presumably Christian, but not other places of worship? And, if a religious practitioner makes predictions about the future, do they have to get a license?

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