Karmann Ghia

No, that is not the name of a supermodel. While people typically think of the Beetle when they think of Volkswagen, Volkswagen did have one stylish design, the Karmann Ghia. Last weekend, I observed one on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston:


The front:

Based on the tail lights, this car was made in 1970 – 1971, near the end of the Karmann Ghia’s production run:


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5 Responses to Karmann Ghia

  1. dabbe says:

    If it’s from 70 or 71, then why does the plate say VW KG 72?

  2. BobTerrace
    NewEnglandBob says:

    Back in the 1960s a friend of mine had a VW Beetle. It had a lot of body rust. He found a Kharman Ghia that had a blown engine. The chassis are identical. We undid the few bolts that hold the body on the chassis and in an hour we (three or four teenagers) put the Ghia body on his Beetle.

  3. anthrosciguy says:

    The other day here (Victoria, BC) I saw an unrestored Karmann Ghia Type 34, the earlier version that was rarely brought into North America. Has a classically odd style.


  4. Amber
    Amber says:

    The boyfriend’s dad had one of these rusting away in his backyard up north. He says he’ll fix it up one day.

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