Links 6/12/13

Links for you. Science:

On The Danger Posed By Non-Expert Critiques Published To Large Audiences (wonderful snark)
The Creation of a Superbug (excellent)
So You are Thinking of Doing a PhD … take this simple test


A Day Without Care (excellent)
Apparently Some Stuff Happened This Weekend (agreed; if you’re not familiar with Washington, D.C., you have no idea how much these companies matter economically to the region)
If the NSA Trusted Edward Snowden With Our Data, Why Should We Trust the NSA? (remember, these guys are defense contractors. Corrupt ineptitude is the default setting)
Decriminalize the Game: A Solution to Baseball’s Drug Wars
Denying a Head Start in Washington State
The Understanding
PRISM Stopped Najibullah Zazi From Blowing Up Backpacks in the Subway (if you believe them)
Chunk Hardtrig! Tagg Thrustdeep! (funny)
The Challenge: Prove that Gender Discrimination in Labor Markets Exists
Who cares for Chicago’s children?
The Logic of the Surveillance State
No, Texas Law Does Not Say You Can Shoot an Escort Who Refuses to Have Sex
A 1 percenter tells the truth about “job creators”
Jonah Lehrer Is Still a Crook, and Simon & Schuster Is His Accomplice
The FBI Is Spying On You Too Snail Mailers, So Maybe Don’t Mail Ricin

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