The War on the Census Rolls On

Because various national catastrophes and tragedies are just another way to keep movement conservative nuttiness out of the spotlight. Yes, the Republicans are still beating these drums:

1) Eliminating the Commerce Department’s American Community Survey.
2) Eliminating the Census of Agriculture.
3) Eliminating all censuses except for the decennial population census.

This is popular among the fever swamps of the right is that they genuinely believe that the more detailed census, as opposed to the massive amount of online information collected every single day, will be used in government roundups.

This is just one more indication that movement conservatism is a mass psychotic break and not a political ideology.

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1 Response to The War on the Census Rolls On

  1. coloncancercommunity
    coloncancercommunity says:

    Too true…But how much can anyone expect from a group of crazies that feel they need to have enough weaponry to form a citizens militia that can overthrow their own government.

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