Links 4/30/13

Links for you. Science:

The Myth of America’s Tech Talent Shortage
Should We Change the Way NSF Funds Projects? (the replication point is key)
Six Reasons Why Illumina Has Nothing to Fear from Thermo/Life
Obama calls for peer-review autonomy
The Evolution of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse


What Traditional Marriage? (excellent)
Mother Theresa’s Masochism: Does Religion Demand Suffering to Keep People Passive?
Wall Street Is A Rentier Rip-Off: Index Funds Beat 99.6% Of Managers Over Ten Years
Just Elect Alex Jones And Be Done With It
Why Insurance Exchanges Won’t Work: People Don’t Like Choosing Insurance
The Three Little Pigs Never Thought of This Building Material
When Boston was on track
Irate Boston Man Confronts ‘Sh*theel’ Alex Jones Reporter Over ‘False Flag’ Claim (welcome to Boston!)
Leaving Cloister of Dusty Offices, Young Archivists Meet Like Minds
In Praise of Jargon
The Welfare Queen of Denmark
Washington’s Backward Retirement Policy: So Wrong, and Yet So Easy to Fix (nice to see others finally getting the point)
The tragedy of Cooper Union

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  1. Lindsay – Kansas – I am an autistic woman with degrees in biochemistry and English literature.
    Lindsay says:


    The first graph on the Atlantic essay, the one about the STEM surplus, is astonishing. At least, the bar for “biology, physical sciences, science technology, math and agriculture” is: less than a quarter employed in their field, less than 40% employed in STEM at all!

    I’d like to see that bar broken down more, at least into all of its component fields. Just for my own edification, as a long-term-unemployed biology graduate.

    Also, what *is* “science technology”?

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