Massachusetts Dems: On Tuesday, Vote Markey

Given the bombings and their aftermath, most people probably don’t realize there’s a U.S. Senate primary in Massachusetts on Tuesday (I had forgotten until late last week and I follow this stuff). For what it’s worth (probably only my vote…), in the Democratic primary, Markey should get the nod over Lynch. Markey has been very strong on economic issues, from protecting Social Security to fighting for better healthcare (Lynch opposed the PPACA, but from the right). He’s also, unlike Lynch, been a stalwart on reproductive and women’s health–Markey is staunchly pro-choice.

To top it all of, Markey has been a strong advocate for science funding–which is important to the local economy (never mind all of the good things that result from scientific research).

The choice comes down to a ‘Blue Dog’ conservadem–Lynch–or a real Democrat–Markey.

Vote Markey.

Update: Markey voted against sequestration, Lynch voted for it. Vote Markey.

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