Links 4/17/13

Links for you. A little abbreviated for obvious reasons. Science:

MiSeq (and 2500) owners better read this and beware
The folly of science on a shoestring: We need to dispel the myth that conducting science on lean budgets is cost-effective (related)


‘If you are scared, they win. If you refuse to be scared, they lose.’
The Perils of Wonkery
Disturbing report finds U.S. hospitals profit more when surgery goes wrong (this seems related)
The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love
What The Austerity Paper’s Intellectual Collapse Tells Us About Modern Journalism
Researchers Finally Replicated Reinhart-Rogoff, and There Are Serious Problems.
Reinhart-Rogoff, Continued
Breaking: Reinhart/Rogoff Shot Full of Holes UPDATED X2

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2 Responses to Links 4/17/13

  1. dr2chase says:

    Are R&R such important people that we cannot say the obvious? This is not a problem with the paper, this is a problem with the authors. ANY SINGLE ONE OF THESE ERRORS would be fatal to a peer-reviewed paper, never mind the tap-dancing around correlation and cause.

  2. Kaleberg says:

    “If you are scared, they win. If you refuse to be scared, they lose.” – What a difference a decade makes. the 00s were all “be afraid, be afraid”. We should have changed our national anthem to “I Hear America Clucking”.

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