The Grand Bargain Betrayal: Obama Lied to Rank-and-File Democrats on a Core Issue

I’m not naive about politicians. They will typically attempt to have their cake and eat it too on most issues. They will make ‘committed non-committals’ to leave themselves to maneuver. But a cardinal rule of politics is that when you clearly commit to something especially if it is critical to your supporters, you must follow through. If you don’t, they can never trust you again. President Obama has now shown to Democrats by stating that he supports reductions in Social Security payments.

Some history is in order. In 2007, in an interview with National Journal, Obama proposed cutting Social Security. As Social Security is a core Democratic program and as cutting Social Security is an awful fucking thing to do (and needless to boot), Democratic voters were very upset. So then Obama stated this (by way of Digby):

For the video-challenged (boldface mine):

“John McCain’s campaign has suggested that the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be to cut cost of living adjustments or raise the retirement age. Let me be clear: I will not do either.

There has been no radical change in Social Security’s long-term finances since 2008 requiring abandoning this position, so it’s pretty clear that Obama flat out lied to Democrats about a central policy of the Democratic Party:

Defending Social Security, veterans benefits and medicare is in the DNA of the Democratic Party and is as mainstream as it gets. They’ve been organized around it for over six decades.

From here on out, no Democrat can or should ever trust Obama.

Not much hope, and as to change, same as it ever was. Or maybe even worse. By the way, for most retirees Social Security will be a critical component of their incomes.

I’m not sure what good it will do, but calling or writing your Congresscritters is really the only non-violent option left as individuals*, so here is the House and Senate contact information.

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3 Responses to The Grand Bargain Betrayal: Obama Lied to Rank-and-File Democrats on a Core Issue

  1. Big Bill says:

    It is only a transition problem. As white people die out, they are replaced with New American who rely on their families and not on government in their old age. There will be some tension as the handoff of America occurs, but it will resolve itself in favor of the New Americans.

    White people put their women to work and stopped making babies. Both spouses work … happily. They made a racial decision to rely on pensions, medicare, medicaid and SSI for their old age instead of children and family.

    Unfortunately, this is “self-extinction” not “self-sustaining”. America now imports millions of New Americans (India, China, Mexico, Philippines) to replace their declining numbers. The New Americans come from cultures and countries that rely on family, not government for support. They are breeding their “pensions” as we speak. Mexican fertility (in America) is almost twice white American fertility.

    They need welfare, medical and housing for their babies. White folks need government money for their old age. There isn’t enough money to raise, educate, feed and medicate Mexican babies and old wrinklies at the same time.

    This babies-versus-elderly conflict is only temporary, though. As white culture dies out by self-extinction, the New Americans (by their voting power) will shift the government focus toward more child-friendly and less elderly-friendly policies.

  2. Hey, cool, it’s been a while since I saw a paranoid racist commenter on this blog.

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