Links 3/16/13

Links for you. Science:

Doubts about Johns Hopkins research have gone unanswered, scientist says
Virus and Genes Involved in Causation of Schizophrenia
In Search of Energy Miracles
Knome Inc., of Cambridge, Massachusetts, protests the award of a contract to Personalis, Inc., of Palo Alto, California, under request for proposals (RFP) No. VA-240-12-R-0154 (I find this fascinating)
How many phylogenies are there in a genome? Lots!


The US Senate: Where Democracy Goes to Die (must-read)
It Would Be Great if Millionaires Would Not Lecture Us on ‘Living With Less’
Wendy Kopp, Princeton Tory (scratch a school ‘reformer’ and you’ll find a right-winger)
Why America demonizes its teachers
What is Modern Monetary Theory, or “MMT”?
Boston Booms as Workers Say No to Suburbs: Real Estate
Deficit Hawks Reflect the Views of the Wealthy, Not the Majority (yes, they do)
Race to Top grants not worth costs, officials say
Soda Wars Backlash: Mississippi Passes ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ Bill (Mississippi, the Diabetes State)
Out of the Park
Rape Is Not Inevitable: On Zerlina Maxwell, Men and Hope
DUMBO Housing Porn
Regrettable: The troubling things I learned when I re-reported Bob Woodward’s book on John Belushi.
Being white in Philly Mag

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