Links 2/27/13

Links for you. Science:

“Shithead was a unique individual”….the quirks and foibles of Komodo Dragons
A 3 Billion Dollar Mistake: Why the American government should think twice about a Brain Activity Map (BAM)
Roger Highfield: ‘Raise your IQ instantly — by no longer believing in it’
Is Antibacterial Soap Bad For You? (Part 1)
Biomickwatson’s Ridiculous Criticism of ENCODE Critics (ENCODE! BOOGA! BOOGA! BOOGA!)


Time and a half
There’s lots of production in the post-work economy
Why Obama Refuses to Kill the Sequester
How the 100-Year Old Income Tax Unleashed the Modern U.S. Economy
CDC Releases Data on Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence by Sexual Orientation
What lies behind religious homophobia (though there is a difference between religious homophobia and anti-gay bigotry)
Do Insurance Companies Want You Dead?
The New ‘Friendlier Face’ of Conservatism Is an Old-School Homophobe: You may not know the name Rod Dreher, but you will.
Rare Color Photos of 1960s Chinese Operas
Battling the cult of Hitchens: The author of the highly critical study, “Unhitched,” addresses neoconservative criticisms of his book
Therapy for bloggers
Polishing Rabbits and Passing Off Squirrels—Andrew Zolli on Jonah Lehrer
Congressional Progressive Caucus: “Just cancel the sequester”

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  1. Yet another article claiming the left is more anti-science than the right
    This meme is popping up all over the place lately, and the argument is not well-made.
    Opposition to nuclear power, for example, is not “anti-science” in the same way as global warming denial.
    On those issues which are genuinely anti-science are not as empowered on the left as climate denial and Creationism are on the right.

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