Guns Make People Stupid

So this happened in Back Bay, Boston (boldface mine):

Officers spoke with the victim in front of 85 Marlborough Street who stated that he and his coworker had been picking up trash in the rear of that residency when a white male came out back and placed trash in the back. When the victim told the suspect to place his trash in the proper place, the suspect went back into his apartment and came back outside holding a black handgun.

The suspect then pointed the handgun at the suspect and said, “Next time you tell me where to put my trash, I’ll kill you.” Then the suspect went back inside.

What is it that gun nutters say? “An armed society is a polite society?” I’ll take more incivility and less gun pointing any day. Because potentially murdering someone over garbage is beyond idiotic.

One thing to note is that apartments at 85 Marlborough go for about $700 per sq. ft., and that’s based on a 2008 valuation (believe it or not, prices in the neighborhood have gone up since then). And 85 Marlborough is one of the cheaper buildings (here’s some photos from a block away in various directions). This is not a ‘gentrifying’ neighborhood, this is an enclave of the local gentry. Yet give someone a gun and he acts like an idiot chucklehead with a ‘Born to Lose’ tattoo.

Guns aren’t just stupid, they make people do stupid things.

An aside: Said gun waver is a recent transplant from Texas. There’s a cultural angle here that I’ll explore in a future post.

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7 Responses to Guns Make People Stupid

  1. “The suspect then pointed the handgun at the suspect…”

    I think you meant victim here.

  2. becca says:

    Dude, my *car* makes me a crazy maniac. I can’t even imagine how negative my IQ would go with a gun…

  3. People are just stupid on their own. The gun doesn’t make them stupid. An inanimate object only has as much power as the person controlling it. One could equally say “Dictionaries make people stupid” if the dictionary was used to threaten the victim (as a projectile weapon thrown through the air with the intent of causing harm). People are just stupid. Point blank.

  4. Stochastic Sam says:

    Remind me how many people were murdered with dictionaries last year?

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