Rightwingers Now Demand The Arming of ‘Union Thugs’

Someone needs to tell the right that if they’re going to live in their own fantasy world, they might want to make it internally consistent. Because Eugene Volokh’s ‘thought experiment’* about what would have happened if teachers had been armed is daffy. Leaving aside the idiocy of having multiple guns around young children, that website has repeatedly called for the dissolution of teachers unions on the grounds that they protect numerous incompetent teachers.

Whom they now want to arm.

Guns do seem to drive people crazy, and not just the shooters.

But remember: an armed kindergarten is a polite kindergarten. So there.

*Libertarians seem very fond of thought experiments, I think, because they don’t have the guts to directly state what they want (“I’m just brainstorming here. Wasn’t serious”). Feh. Kind of the wimpy mindset that fulfills the need to feel strong by buying a gun, actually.

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3 Responses to Rightwingers Now Demand The Arming of ‘Union Thugs’

  1. Min says:

    Hey! Just because you’re a bad teacher doesn’t mean you’re a bad shot.


  2. joemac53 says:

    I used to joke that I wanted to be armed at least as well as the kids. Now that I am retired I can reveal that I had machetes hidden in the drop ceiling of my classroom. I also armed my students when we had lockdown drills. We had tools, lumber, lab equipment, noxious chemicals, and plenty for everyone. (I never told the kids about the machetes) We drilled on how to hide quietly and kill the first person who came through the door.

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