Not Your Typically Veterans Day Parade

But they served too. Observed on Tremont St., Boston:

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1 Response to Not Your Typically Veterans Day Parade

  1. Kathy Barker says:

    Not a typical Veteran’s Day, but it would be a typical Armistice Day. November 11 was set aside for peace, but has become a celebration of war/Veteran’s Day. Yes, you are right- the Veterans for Peace also served in the military, but wish to stop others from suffering the pain of war. Auburn, WA tried to block the VFP from marching this year, but their action was overturned by court after an ACLU lawsuit. Almost all vets, no matter the political persuasion, backed the VFP in Auburn. Vets talking of peace should be the staple. And scientists should question war as an effective tool, if they are afraid to deal with the moral and ethical implications of war.

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