Better a Teacher Than a Purveyor of ‘Insight’

Boris Kachka has an interesting retrospective on l’affaire Lehrer, “Proust Wasn’t a Neuroscientist. Neither was Jonah Lehrer.” This bit, as Lehrer pleaded with a journalist not to be outed, is pretty revealing (boldface mine):

The next morning, a desperate Lehrer finally managed to reach Moynihan. Didn’t he realize, Lehrer pleaded, that if Moynihan went forward, he would never write again—would end up nothing more than a schoolteacher? The story was published soon after. That afternoon, Lehrer announced through his publisher that he’d resigned from The New Yorker and would do everything he could to help correct the record. “The lies,” he said, “are over now.”

Some of us believe there are worse things than being a schoolteacher. Lehrer might even have first-hand experience with one of them.

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2 Responses to Better a Teacher Than a Purveyor of ‘Insight’

  1. evilDoug says:

    With the name Lehrer, it would seem being a teacher would be destiny – and perhaps a destiny far more honorable than his recent past.

  2. joemac53 says:

    How do I trade in my 35 years for a few years’ worth of noble undertakings?

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