Links 10/21/12

Links for you. Science:

Mathgen paper accepted!
The three infrastructure crises in science
Microbial Populations in a Hospital Under Construction
Profiling multiple sclerosis
What We Learn When Professorly d00ds Take to Facebook…


One More Rumination on the Burden of Fiscal Deficits
Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza
High Frequency Trading Can Be Curtailed Simply With a Transaction Tax
Why Bosses Always Win if the Game Is Always Rigged
Amherst Sweeps Sexual Assault Allegations Under the Rug (very disturbing and upsetting; 20 years ago, maybe, but today?)
Romney’s big ‘four years tuition-free’ scholarship covered just a small fraction of college costs
Bully for You
Well, you did dare to speak in public, so I guess you deserve this
It’s Time for a Tax to Kill High Frequency Trading
GOP registration worker charged with voter fraud
The Total Package: How modern offenses are rethinking the most fundamental elements of football “plays”
Bali’s Environmentally Friendly Modern Bamboo Homes (this is amazing)
More Junk Science: GOP Congressman Says Abortion Is Never Necessary To Save A Woman’s Life
Gawker, Reddit, Free Speech and Such
Creative Corruption
10 actual ideas conservatives asked America to intellectually engage with in 2012
New Evidence That Racism Isn’t ‘Natural’

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