Why Did Fox News Rip Into Paul Ryan?

If you haven’t heard, Fox News published a piece by Sally Kohn, in which she had this to say about his GOP convention speech (boldface mine):

On the other hand, to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech. On this measure, while it was Romney who ran the Olympics, Ryan earned the gold.

The good news is that the Romney-Ryan campaign has likely created dozens of new jobs among the legions of additional fact checkers that media outlets are rushing to hire to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan’s mouth. Said fact checkers have already condemned certain arguments that Ryan still irresponsibly repeated….

Elections should be about competing based on your record in the past and your vision for the future, not competing to see who can get away with the most lies and distortions without voters noticing or bother to care. Both parties should hold themselves to that standard. Republicans should be ashamed that there was even one misrepresentation in Ryan’s speech but sadly, there were many.

According to Kohn, they asked her to write the liberal opinion of his speech. Under Roger Ailes, Fox News has been a very disciplined propaganda outlet for Republicans. Either they had no idea what they were getting, or something weird is going on at Fox headquarters. Because this post allows Democrats to say, “Even Fox News…”

I’ll never rule out stupidity, but I’m puzzled why Fox did this.


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  1. Tony B says:

    “Fair and Balanced” – give the other side a comment. I’ve never seen MSNBC give a conservative viewpoint.

    • Yeah, right — except for the Republican who headlines MSNBC’s most popular daytime show, and the GOP guests (Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt) who appear regularly on Rachel Maddow’s show, and…

    • mightcan – dallas, tx
      James White says:

      Joe Scarborough is a former GOP Representative and has a show EVERY weekday morning. McCain’s campaign manager is a regular on all shows from Hardball to Last Word. Ex RNC Chair Michael Steele is a regular on all commentary.

    • Uh…fair and balanced does not mean you get to lie and be assholes and occasionally host (and ignore) the opinions of other people. Just FYI.

    • drjohn – Atlanta – I watch football. Lots of football. Sadly, because of NFL rules, it is the Falcons more than anyone should be forced to watch the Falcons.
      JohnV says:

      You might see that on MSNBC if you ever watched MSNBC.

  2. Don Atkinson says:

    I guess at some point the stupidity becomes indefensible no matter who you are.

  3. Check her author page at the Fox site — she’s written quite a few commentaries that go against the Fox party line. They’ve been published and ignored. This one just happened to get noticed. I don’t think anyone expected that.

    I think Ailes wants Fox to put out a certain amount of stuff like this so he can point to it and say, “See? We really are fair and balanced.” Which is nonsense, but never mind — it lets him feel self-righteous.

  4. Maybe the GOP has become so strange that their fan-base is now shrinking. Rats preparing to leave a (hopefully) sinking ship?

  5. I think it’s a nefarious plot by Fox to entrap a bunch of anti-Fox folk into spreading the link around so they get a ton of clicks. BONUS: They also get to cite all the comments about ‘hey, look at this! Fox did something fair-ish and balanced-ish!’ They can feed off of that for months.

  6. Montana says:

    So Willard Milton Romney tells us that he is a success, its easy when you start with Dad’s money and dad’s contacts (kinda like Trump) and did not do it on your own, but ok, success.

    Willard Milton Romney tells us that Bain was his first success, a company without a product (unlike Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison among others who created jobs by the success of their products). What’s even funnier is Bain owns “Clear Channel” who has under contract both “Rush Limbaugh” and “Glen Beck”, how do you think they will do after the election. Bain preyed on weak companies and even when Bain took these companies into bankruptcy Bain made money (Willard still gets a check from Bain) not to mention the jobs that were outsourced or their dealings with RED CHINA, but ok maybe Willard did not know that Bain was in to that, sure, why not, right?

    Willard Milton Romney then tells us that his second success is 2002 Winter Olympics. All 2002 Winter Olympics financials have been destroyed, but ok lets take his word, success.

    This is Willard Milton Romney calling card that what our country needs now is someone like him a supposed successful business man. This “Business Success” and how that will translate into “Public Sector” success has already been tested.

    So given all of Willard Milton Romney, supposed success, don’t you expect to see an extraordinary success in his position as governor of Massachusetts, his one and only public sector job? If you look at the majority of his statements as to why he should be governor of Massachusetts, they almost mirror his current ones, mainly “I am a successful business man”. But when we look at Massachusetts, it was an ordinary mediocrity, to the point that he could only survive one term, that how good this guy was, but ok according to him he was a success.

    Now he wants the top public sector job, hmmm, no not on my watch!

    • Doc Hollowbrick – I am Tangled Up in Blue Guy and I write this blog with an alias so I can speak more freely.
      Mike says:

      It hasn’t been too long since we had a “businessman” for president. A little less than four years. How did that work out?

  7. hipparchia says:

    this comment at emptywheel sounds like a plausible motive:

    “The 1%ers are happy to have Obama the clear “lesser of two evils”. They want a nominal D in the White House during the next wave of austerity”


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